Salt Café

Salt Café

Simon Tempro   Chef / Co-owner

Simon Tempro
Chef / Co-owner

Lauren Tempro   Co-owner

Lauren Tempro

Simon And Lauren Tempro (get it? SALT) recently opened this exquisite little restaurant on the South Coast.

From the popular truffle fries and baos to the delicious salted caramel brownie, their menu delights all foodies. International flair abounds in the Asian wings and the Far Eastern salad, while the signature sweet potato-crusted fish and crispy fried chicken pay homage to local taste buds. You will surely return time and time again to make your way through their tempting menu while enjoying a signature cocktail or speciality coffee.


Asian-style Wings
— 22.00
tossed in soy, ginger, garlic and chili glaze, topped with sesame seeds and green onions

Crispy Calamari
— 23.00
spiced, breaded and fried until crisp, topped with fresh herbs, served with a lemon aïoli

Crispy Tuna Roll
— 25.00
local yellowfin tuna, served rare, wrapped in a wonton skin with basil and fried until crispy, served over a seasonal fruit and mixed green salad, finished with a cilantro cream

Ceviche of Local Fish
— 26.00
marinated with a mix of citrus, cucumber, red onion and cilantro, served with plantain tostones


Far Eastern Salad
— 32.00
mixed greens, spicy cucumber, mandarin orange, red onion, crushed peanuts and crispy wontons tossed in a sesame-ginger-soy dressing

All the Veggies
— 36.00
mixed greens, chargrilled zucchini, red onion, sweet peppers, charred pumpkin and goat cheese, tossed in a cilantro-lime-ginger dressing

[ BAOS* ]

Crispy Fried Chicken Thigh
— 34.0
with cabbage slaw and spicy mayo

Slow-braised Lamb
— 35.00
spiced yogurt sauce, crushed peanuts and a mint-basil salad

Spiced Crispy Local Fish
— 36.00
with cilantro cream, shaved cabbage and tomato-lime salsa

* 2 per order, served with hand-cut fries.


Tuna Poke Bowl — 38.00
sushi-style local yellowfin tuna tossed with soy and ginger dressing, served over sticky rice, seaweed salad, spicy cucumbers, cilantro, crushed peanuts and crispy wontons

Crispy Fried Chicken
— 38.00
served with hand-cut fries, mint-citrus cabbage slaw and a home-made Cheddar cheese and scallion biscuit

Skillet Mac and Cheese
with a signature blend of cheeses, baked until bubbly and topped with a brown butter crumb and white truffle oil
— with chicken 46.00
— with shrimp 55.00

Sweet Potato-crusted Local Fish
— 48.00
resting on coconut jasmine rice, chargrilled vegetables, tomato-cilantro salsa, drizzled with a spicy mayo

Slow-braised Lamb Shank
— 58.00
spiced pumpkin purée, basil-mint salad, curry-spiced almond-raisin couscous, citrus-yogurt sauce

Chargrilled Sirloin Steak
— 58.00
served sliced and resting on crispy potatoes, charred vegetables, topped with chimichurri


The Bonfire Bao
— 11.00
deep-fried bao smeared with Nutella, torched marshmallow and sweet biscuit crumbs
Dulce de Leche Flan
— 12.0
topped with whipped cream

Warm Chocolate Brownie
— 14.00
vanilla ice cream and salted caramel drizzle with cocoa nibs


Salt Café
Hand-crafted Comfort Food

Main Road
Christ Church
(246) 537-7258


Salt Café Barbados
Salt Café Barbados

Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.,
Monday to Saturday
Dinner: 5:30 to 10:00 p.m.,
Monday to Saturday
Dining: Indoors (air-conditioned) –
Open-air (covered)
Serving: Lunch – Dinner
Attire: Casual
✓ Bar
✓ Parking

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Salt Café Barbados

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