A Little Piece of Paradise

A Little Piece of Paradise

Stephen Belgrave   Chef – The Fish Pot

Stephen Belgrave
Chef – The Fish Pot

Some of the most beautiful parts of Barbados are the ones that are a bit out of the way. They’re the places that few tourists know about, undisclosed pockets and coves that only a handful might frequent and would rather keep for themselves.

— By Joanna Fox     — Photography: Kenneth Theysen

The Little Good Harbour Hotel and its charming restaurant, The Fish Pot, are tucked away in one of these pockets, a special place for those who know it, and one that those who discover it won’t soon forget. Located on a quiet beachside road in a lovely little fishing village in St. Lucy Parish, this idyllic spot truly feels like a slice of unspoiled paradise. And as much as it might be one of those island secrets, it’s definitely worth sharing.

Travelling north of Speightstown and just off the main road, the terrain becomes more sparse and untamed, with a rugged countryside that engulfs the top of the island. The colours are so vivid and bright that it’s like someone turned up the volume, the effervescent layers of greens and blues popping all around. There’s a building on this narrow ocean road that’s unmistakable: an old fort made of sun-bleached coral stone, highlighted by brilliant turquoise shutters and trim. Like a postcard picture of the perfect beachside Caribbean cottage, this is The Fish Pot

Hands down one of the best restaurant settings on the entire island, it’s not just the stunning views and proximity to the sparkling ocean that win customers over. It’s how utterly endearing this restaurant really is. With dining areas both inside and outside the main building, the bright blue hues of the ocean are the backdrop from every vantage point, whether framed by the many large open windows, or viewed over the turquoise terrace railings.  During the day, the scope of the setting will take your breath away. And at night, with candles on each table and soft yellow lights hanging from the ceiling, the atmosphere is warm, casual, and captivating.

Located within the Little Good Harbour Hotel, The Fish Pot’s executive chef is the very talented Stephen Belgrave. A head chef since he was just 25 years old, this Barbadian local has been at The Fish Pot for 15 years. With lots of experience cooking all over the world, from England and France to Thailand and Tokyo, Belgrave wanted to bring an international influence to classical dishes, with his own personal take on them. Tweaking the traditional, Belgrave also likes to remain true to his Caribbean roots. “What we’re trying to do is create something casual, comfortable, and fun. It’s all about taking different dishes and putting them together and incorporating things from here. It’s trying to take a classical dish and give it your twist to create something a little bit different, but something people can still recognize as being a classical dish.”

When Belgrave was in Thailand he learned how to make all their curry pastes, so when he came back to his restaurant he wanted to incorporate those into his dishes as well. Curries are something he takes very seriously, as he considers them one of his favourite things to make. “I’m a master at curries. We do a lot of curries here, we do panag-type curries, we do korma curries. This restaurant is not a curry restaurant but we tend to have curry items on the menu. They are some of the best dishes I make.” 

Always striving for quality and consistency, the dining experience at The Fish Pot is spot on, from top to bottom. From the refreshing seafood ceviche, to the grilled whole king prawns with a kick of chilli and lemon butter, the catch of the day (Barracuda is Belgrave’s favourite), or a Kashmiri-style curry with poppadum and incredibly addictive mango chutney, the menu compiles a thoughtful, diverse selection of dishes that both reflect Belgrave’s culinary views as well as his surroundings. Belgrave certainly won’t take all the credit, however, and he’s adamant about how important his kitchen team is to the whole operation, some members having been with him since the very beginning. “Building a team is the hardest factor to maintain consistency in the restaurant. We’re lucky we really have a good team, they’re all good guys. My strength is the team behind me and I try to give each of them their personal creativity. I have to give them their individuality so that they can feel that they have an input and feel that they matter. Food is up top but it’s the people, the guys in the back that keep the kitchen working.”

And these guys work hard. Seven days a week, open for lunch and dinner, Belgrave and his team create fresh, original Caribbean cuisine for a steady stream of hotel guests, visitors, and locals. But Belgrave isn’t ready to rest on his laurels just yet. There’s a lot more to come in the future for The Fish Pot. “I still have a lot more to produce. I have a lot more to give, and basically I want to try to take it to the next level, take it to the next step. That’s what we do here.” That next step, at least for starters, involves creating their own restaurant brand and producing some of their most popular hot sauces, chutneys, and curry pastes so that guest can take their own little piece of The Fish Pot home with them. 

The Fish Pot is not one of those restaurants you hope to someday stumble upon and discover. It’s earned a reputation as a destination in its own right. For the setting, for the view, and especially for the food, treat yourself to a meal at this very special spot.

The Fish Pot

Little Good Harbour
St. Lucy
(246) 439-3000
(246) 439-2604

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